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Learn networking concepts and get certified with our CCNA 200-301 Preparation

Micro Services

Build efficient microservices with Docker. Run and Orchestrate them on Azure.

Computer Networking

Learn in-and-out of networks with our popular Computer Networking courses


Learn all database concepts within SQL Server and prepare for Certifications with us.

software programs

Learn to build efficient, fast and tidy software programs with us.Tap to learn more!

Let Our Qualified Instructors Help You Discover Your Hidden Potential With Our unique Learning Experience!

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Customize your learning path and stand-out!

Boost your career growth, meet the team, learn with us

At our Networking & Software Training Center we offer

Learn all about Networking and prepare for exams with our qualified instructors!

Use our Networking Training Center London to learn:

1. In's & Out's Of Networks & Hardware
2. Practical applications of Router's & Switches
3. Network in the cloud and much more..

Master Complete Software Development Life Cycle!

Use our Programming Learning Center London to learn:

  1. 1

    Development Operations (DevOps)

  2. 2

    Cloud Computing

  3. 3

    Development, Debugging, Security and much more.

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What People Say About Mindqube

Academy instructional videos are a great supplement for students learning new information and are a valuable tool for homework help to clarify new instruction. I highly recommend the MindQube for all students K-12 and adults that need a refresher course.

The platform is very user friendly. There are lessons for parents as well as the students. The lessons are well structured with a very systematic progression of skills. The teachers provide a clear breakdown of skills. You can try a problem several times giving you confidence to continue.

Courses are well-designed, and most if not all instructors seem genuinely engaged and concerned with the outcome of the learning process. Courses are organized thoughtfully, with content presented in a logical manner. I've "taken" a variety of courses through MindQube Training.

MindQube is an easy platform to navigate. My nephew was having difficulty in mathematics, specifically algebra and geometry, and I wanted to help him. I am in my 60's so my math skills is out of date despite my amazing knowledge of algebra. Well to my knowledge I was confusing him more as I changed the way in which is subject is taught in school.

I have had very good results from courses that I have taken through MindQube. My granddaughter is too and is using MindQube to learn her alphabet and colors. The program for a child her age is wonderful.

Ever since around the time of the ‘pandemic crisis’, I have been homeschooling my children. MindQube is my favorite and most used online learning tool we use together. My boys absolutely LOVE the Math. I just wish it had Reading included.

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