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we at MindQube Training Academy

You start a job with this skill set but you still need a head start due to lack of practice.At MindQube we provide a two-way hands-on practice learning, so you will have plenty of experience to deal with situations one would encounter commercially.

You do have a certificate but do not know whats the best way to write the code and execute the logic.At MindQube, with our industry-active trainers we not only cover the course content but discuss best practices towards problem solving let that be writing logic or installing routers so you already get a head start towards "best practices" you would face at your job.

What if I host this application as a docker container instead of a Virtual Machine to save money and get better performance - win-win for you and your clients!

Which version of Windows Server would suit me for this workload!

When designing web api how do I stick to SOLID principles and what is this dependency injection!

How do I debug a production level artefact or make my application more secure!

* This unique learning approach will make you not only a certified professional but an experienced professional with solutions to problems with optimal practices in place.

* Unique teaching habits creates unique professionals, some of our highlights summed up:

All our courses are instructor-led which means there is an active engagement between both the entities. We encourage all parties to converse and ask questions.

All MindQube courses offer a Course Completion Certificate, so you are well acknowledged for the effort you are going to put in.

At MindQube all our instructors offer both Online & On-Premise training. If you would like face-to-face learning just pop into our offices or meet us over Teams.

Work-Life-Learn balance! Weekend classes or Evening teaching, at MindQube we got you covered. Learning should be stress-free!

We provide ample training material, be it class notes or books or even soft copies. They cover plenty of examples, real-life scenarios and common issues & solutions.x

We at MindQube do not only provide course training but also teach tips and traps which are not taught elsewhere. These practical clues can be your leverage over others at your workplace!

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