AutoCAD 2D And 3D Training

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AutoCAD 2D And 3D Training

Course description

Autocad 2D and 3D design software is what every single Architect is very curious to learn. With AutoCAD is the design software and leader in digital design industries. It does not matter whether you are from architectural, mechanical, interior design, manufacturing, electrical or civil engineering background, AutoCAD is by far the essential software you would need for your business. AutoCAD creates stunning designs, floor plans, product designs etc in the blink of seconds and gives a virtual presentation to your clients before even you start the project, infact it could be a convincing point for winning a contract.

Mindqube Limited has designed this course to enable you to acquire all the skills required for competent and efficient usage of the Revit Architecture software.

Suitability - Who should attend?

This course is suitable for all levels.

Career Prospect

Revit Technician

Architectural Technician

Senior Architect

Structural Revit Technician


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Course Content

This course covers the following topics:

2D Drawing

1. AutoCAD and Working with the Windows Environment

2. Creating Your First Drawing

3. Viewing and Plotting a Drawing

4. Basic CAD Drawing Techniques

5. Understanding Layers and Linetypes

6. Creating Basic Geometry

7. Annotating a Drawing with Text and Hatching

8. Drawing Accurately

9. Creating Selection Sets

10. Basic Editing Skills

11. Editing with Grips

12. Advanced Drawing Techniques

13. Dimensioning a Drawing

14. Modifying Object Characteristics

15. Using Symbols and Attributes

16. Drawing in Two Dimensions 2D

17. Working with Data.

18. Organizing and Managing Drawings.

19. Customizing AutoCAD.

3D Modeling Design

1. 3D concepts and AutoDesk Product for 3D

2. Drawing in Three Dimensions.(3D)

3. User Coordinate System and the Z-Axis

4. 3D Wireframe Modeling

5. Dynamic Rotation – Free Orbit, OFFSET Command

6. 3D Surface Modeling

7. Solid Modeling - Constructive Solid Geometry

8. Regions, Extrude and Solid Modeling

9. Multiview Drawings from 3D Models

10. Symmetrical Features in Designs

11. Advanced Modeling Tools & Techniques

12. Advanced Modeling Tools & Techniques

13. Photorealistic Rendering

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