Here at MindQube we understand that it is never one-size-fits-all.

We learnt that a healthy work-life-study balance is crucial so for our networking & programming courses we offer evening times or weekend classes or just pick a time that better suits you i.e., instructor-led coaching at your finger tips!

Customise what you would like to learn; Combine two courses or learn a part of one or request something you dont find browsing here.

We are happy to tailor our courses to suit your needs, after all we want to match your expectations!

Learning a new skill should not be a challenge but a curiosity-filled adventure, we are totally cool to schedule training at times that suits you.

Evening times or weekends, we are flexible that way!



Providing a pragmatic approach to problem solving is one of the values we believe in, with MindQube training sessions you get a hands-on approach towards course learning.

We provide coaching in one of our training centers or online, fully equipped and designed to promote collaboration and interaction.

All our courses are instructor-led giving you the opportunity to engage in a thoughtful conversation. Expect to learn with us using practical examples combining theory and practicals, giving you 100% of what the course has to offer, plus some bonus topics!

We also provide learning resources for both our networking courses and programming classes so you can jump start your next adventure.

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